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ABOUT COZE We are located on the 2nd floor of a 100 year old building. The space is accessible by stairs only and not deemed handicap accessible. Please inform your vendors know about the stairs.

BEVERAGES + FOOD Outside beverage and food are permitted. We do not offer or permit cash bar or food services. Client is responsible for food, beverages, plates, silverware, cups, ice, straws, napkins & linen. No cooking allowed on site. Chafers with sternos are permitted for warming food. Client is responsible to clear plates, cups, and trash during the event.

BAR SERVICES Coze Bartender REQUIRED for all events serving alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, champagne, liquor, etc.). No exceptions. Bartender service includes: shakers, wine/beer opener, juice pitchers, ice bowl + scoops and buckets. NO alcoholic favors, self service or Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) permitted at Coze. All alcohol must be delivered to the bar during LOAD IN time only. No alcohol can be delivered AFTER load in. For the safety of staff and guests, Coze bartenders have the right to refuse service to guests considered "over intoxicated". $100 bartender fee.

CANCELLATION Events cancelled MORE than 60 days from event date, 50% of the deposit ONLY is refundable. Other monies NON refundable. Events cancelled LESS than 60 days from event date, deposit + other monies paid are NON refundable. Events may be postponed ONE TIME with transferrable deposit. The event must take place within 60 days of original event date.

CAPACITY Maximum venue capacity is 75 guests standing.  

CLEAN UP The client is responsible for clearing trash (plates, cups, etc…) DURING the event and keeping the venue clean at all times.

DECOR No taping or tacking to walls, confetti or glitter, animals of any kind or tapered candles/exposed flames. Weighted balloons are permitted. All decor must be approved by management BEFORE event date and removed at close of event.

DEPOSIT + PAYMENTS $300 Day & $400 Evening due within 24 hours of signing contract. Events are held 24 hours, pending deposit. No deposit received, event will be cancelled without notice. The deposit is applied towards final balance. Final balance is due 5 days prior to event date. Credit/debit cards, money orders, and checks accepted. Make checks payable to Coze. No checks accepted less than 7 days from event date. $50 return check fee.

LIABILITY Coze is not liable for and cannot assume responsibility for damage or loss of property in reserved areas and outside the venue prior to, during, or following your event. We appreciate the premises being restored to the original condition following conclusion of your event. In the event, that any property of Coze is damaged by the client, its agents, employees, or any person admitted to the space reserved by client, the client will reimburse Coze for all damages or unusual cleanup fees. Caterers and client assumes liability for food served on Coze premises or transported from premises by client and/or guests. Coze is not liable in the event guests become ill due to food or drink consumption.

MUSIC DJs and live bands are welcome. They must provide their own speakers and equipment. Outside vendors can not plug into our in house system. Music ends at close of “event time”. Coze house system is complimentary for client iPod or computer playlist only (sound levels are restricted). DJs are recommended for evening events, due to nightclub music levels located below our venue. Please inquire about our recommendations regarding music. 

PARKING Parking is available across the street and on each side of the building. Rates: $5 day. $6 after 4pm. Exact cash or credit cards. Parking rates are subject to increase (up to $20) for Mercedes Benz Stadium and city wide events. Please check their calendars for event dates.

POLICIES For the safety of our staff, clients, and guests; policies and procedures are subject to change at management’s discretion.

PUBLIC EVENTS Coze is a PRIVATE event space. No pre sold ticketed, promoted or pay at the door events.  Events that violate this policy will be cancelled. 501c3 organization events are permitted for fundraising purposes only. 501c3 paperwork must be presented at time of booking. ALL advertising & marketing must be approved prior to event.

MARKETING Use of the Coze brand for marketing purposes must be approved by management BEFORE public distribution. Coze has the right to deny any materials deemed inappropriate.

SMOKING NO smoking allowed inside Coze Event Space. No exceptions. Electronic hookah permitted through our exclusive vendor Caterpillars Doorway 404.590.5221 

21 YEARS OLD AND UNDER EVENTS All events under 18 years old require 1 adult (for supervision purposes) per 10 children attending + 1 additional Coze security will be required. 18 - 21 years old and collegiate sponsored events require 1 additional Coze security. No exceptions. Security fee $85.

VENDORS Outside vendors are welcome. Equipment and rentals must be delivered during event load in time and picked up at the close of the event during load out time. Please make proper arrangements with vendors.